Friday, January 6, 2012

Comeback Queen: Demi Lovato

She's made a great comeback and is now a major role model. Demi Lovato has become an inspiration to many and shines on!

Why she's great? On the inside...

 Demi is a supporter of the campaign, Love is Louder. This movement strives to invite and welcome anyone who is or has felt mistreated, misunderstood, or isolated. Since Demi has a troubling past, but as pushed through, she remains relatable and understanding. 

Why she's great? On the outside...

  Not only is Demi incredibly beautiful, but she has confidence in herself that shines through. She believes in herself and stays strong. She remains healthy and happy and listens to her body in a positive way. Check out her latest cover on Seventeen magazine! 

Hope you enjoyed this post on Demi! She has stepped up and worked hard to get back to where she is now (and she deserves it!). Have an amazing weekend! XO Charlotte

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