Monday, January 16, 2012

Style It: Braids

Spice up your hairstyle with some cute braid ideas. There are so many different ways to try it, here's your guide: 

 French Braid HOW-TO: 
Divide hair into a middle part. On one side, gather hair and begin braiding like normal. As you go, start adding pieces to the three sections you have already made. Continue until desired look and then pin. 

 Snake Braid HOW-TO: 
Braid selected hair like normal down to bottom. Then grab the two side sections and pull up. Hairspray and then pin. 

Fishtail Braid HOW-TO: 
 Divide hair into two sections. Pull a thin strand from one section, across its section over to the other section. Do the same on the other side and repeat. Secure when you read desired ending.

Water fall Braid HOW-TO: 
Make a center part. Starting at your hairline, begin french braiding, using only the hair from the side that your braiding on. When you reach your crown, switch back to regular braiding until the end. Secure with an elastic.

What's your favorite type of braid? XO Charlotte

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