Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toning Tip: Lions, Tigers, and STAIRS oh my!

Hey! I have a new toning tip for you: STAIRS! They are your best/worst friend. First off, they are crazzzzy good for you! Secondly, they burn like crazy. I was taking a break from running after consistently going several days in a row after my race. There is a set of 100 endless steps in my town, and asked my dad to drive me over there so that I could do some sets. They are super easy to do, and you don't even need to change into anything super exercisy. I did five sets totaling to over 1200+ steps up and down. I made sure to run up the stairs and cooled down on the walk back. They instantly get your blood flowing and made me heat up. If you want to try something to get pumped, and want fast results than I suggest this.
XOXO Charlotte

Monday, November 28, 2011

Trend to Try: Holiday Nails

Hey Everyone! Mondays always damper my mood- but I wanted to write about some fun holiday nail trends to try. I've been seeing some variations lately and wanted to post on a few. 

 How cute is this? makeupbydarlina

Red and green are holiday staple colors! 

This is all out adorable! beautyhill

Will you try holiday nails? Do you want me to make a tutorial? 
XO Charlotte

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sparkle Up Your Style!

Sparkle up your wardrobe! Here are a few pieces to add to make your holiday season shine! 

 Cowl-Back Sequin Dress
Countdown to midnight in this dazzling fitted dress from Charlotte Russe. 

Sequin Bodycon Skirt
This fitted skirt will bling up any outfit. Pair with some pumps or booties, and tuck in a flowy top. You'll look great under the mistletoe. Pick this exact one up at Forever 21. 

Sequined Satin Fold-Over Bootie
This glam bootie adds height and glitter. You'll legs will look stellar while your feet will stay toasty! Charlotte Russe has a selection of these in different colors. 

Sequined Cropped Open Top 
You'll rock this open blazer. Pair it with some skinnies or high-waisted shorts to show some leg! Forever 21 has some great variations of blazers. 

 Will you incorporate sparkle to your wardrobe? Please leave comments/requests below. 
XOXO Charlotte

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Style Guide: Patterned Sweaters

Who says you have to stay neutral? Patterned sweaters brighten up a fall/winter day with some spice! Here are a few different styles: 
 Rose Pattern Sweater
A pretty floral always looks cute. This red one will brighten it up, but the color combination is perfect!  

 Leopard Button Sweater
This ferocious sweater is cute and chic! You'll rock it with booties for a holiday party! 

Crew Neck Dot Sweater 
Polka dots aren't just for Minnie Mouse- rock dots this holiday season! Pair with solid items so that things won't clash. 

How are you wearing sweaters for the holidays? Please leave comments/requests below.

XO Charlotte


Friday, November 25, 2011

Randomness: Turkey Trot, Nails, and Black Friday!

Hey y'all!! My family has been obsessed with that term! hahaha! I had some things to catch up on: Turkey Trot, Nails, and Black Friday. So here goes: 
  1. Turkey Trot: So I woke up on Thanksgiving morning to a pretty nice day. It was about 40 degrees which is actually pretty good weather for running considering where I live. Plus you warm up after jogging for a bit. I had half a banana with some peanut butter on the side- I didn't want to feel bloaty from eating. Once we got to the race, we stretched and lightly jogged around to warm up. Since I ran the 10k (6.2 miles), which is the longest route, we started first. I was nervous, but once you start you just keep going. By mile 4, I actually passed by my house. My mom and sister had created a huge sign supporting me (and my dad who ran with me). They video taped and took tons of pictures. I'll make sure to post pictures soon. In the end, we finished strong. I felt so good afterwards- even thought at first I was tired. Later that day we had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner though! 
  2. Black Friday: On Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving), my family isn't into camping out for the best deals. We tend to find that we can get great Christmas deals anytime before. We'll drive around and look in stores for fun, and if we see anything we'll buy it, but not a lot. After a run and some lunch, we took off. We wanted to look at things and get inspiration for Christmas gifts. I ended up getting a cropped sweater. It's navy, and is a cable knit style. I found a similar photo of cropped sweaters in the latest Seventeen magazine, and picked up this one. The sales decreased the price by 80% off! Sometimes we get a deal! 
  3. Nails: My sister, mom, and I ended our day with pedicures. It's unusual, but well deserved. My feet have been looking hideous lately because of the Turkey Trot training. They are all rough, and my nails were chipped, so it was well deserved! I chose the color Red Essence from China Glaze. The shade is perfect for the winter spirit, and the shine compliments the shade well! 
How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Mine was well spent :) 

XOXO Charlotte 
P.S. We spent the after noon after the Trot decorating Christmas-style(: You can tell that we're getting into the spirit!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For the holidays, major lashes are a must! Here are some different lash trends to try! 

 What lash look are you going for? Spider? Spikes? Natural? Length? or Volume? Do you want it to be crazy? Colorful? Glitter? Sparkles?

Here are some crazy lash looks: 
Will you be wearing lashes for the holidays? Please leave comments and requests below. 
XO Charlotte

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cute and Cozy Accessories: Style Guide

Nothing beats the holiday season! You don't have to stand through the cold to sacrifice style. Here are some snuggly alternatives!


Mad for Plaid!
Blue Tones

Cozy Cremes

Faux Fur
Knit Arm Warmers

How do you stay fashionably warm? Please leave comments and requests below. 
XO Charlotte

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sarah Hyland Series: Makeup

The rest of the series includes Sarah Hyland's makeup hits! 

Golden Lids
On the red carpet, Sarah usually rocks bronzed lids. I love the warmth that is in the crease. Add dark liner to the outer half for more definition. Finish off with a little natural contouring and then a baby pink lip. 

Silver Specks
Sarah rocks this silver lights look! I love the silver shadow which washes out to a crystallized inner corner. Add a little liner to the lower lash line. Add a little black to the outer "v" of the eye, and blend. Go for a very glowy complexion with peachy cheeks and lips. 

Major Lashes 
Sarah's eyes look illuminated with the shimmer cream inner corner highlight. She's rocking false lashes. They are very long and lengthened. They curl up for a fluttery effect. Add a warm, coral cheek color. Her lips look natural, with a bronze gloss. 

What do you think of Sarah Hyland's makeup looks? Please leave comments and requests below! 
XOXO Charlotte 

Sarah Hyland Series: Hair

Since I got tons of great feedback from my recent Sarah Hyland style post, I thought it would be fun to do some on her hair and makeup. First off is hair! I love how she styles her hair, and how it has changed and evolved. Here are my favorite looks that would be great for all to try! 

 Braided Do' 
With shiny, beachy, locks, this look is totally easy! 


1. Part your hair so that you can french braid across your head.  (make sure to leave out your bangs or shorter front pieces)
2. French braid and then pin 
3. Loosely curl your hair. 
4. Walla! Lightly spritz hair with hairspray for a tighter hold, or go without. 

Wavy Up-do
This up-do is easier than it looks, and is super quick too! 


1. Curl several strands of hair with a bigger wand or iron. 

1. Loosely gather hair to a little above the nape of your neck. 2. Slowly twist your hair while applying pins needed.
3. Let it be messy. The hair that falls out can either be curled to frame your face, pinned back, or twisted/braided for a cool effect. 

Quick & Easy
An on the go look that doesn't lack style. 


1. Part hair to the side. 
2. Gather hair to one side of choice. 
3. Start braiding at about ear level. 
4. Secure braid at different spots depending on hair lever. Sarah's is secured about 3/4 way down.
5. Pin fall out. Bangs can be straightened if needed. 

Hope you enjoyed these looks/mini tutorials. I think Sarah has great style inspiration. What do you think? Have a great Sunday!
XOXO Charlotte  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sample. Select. Sephora's Favorite Sets!

I got an email from Sephora about their sample sets. They come with a variety of types of products that you can test out, and then a voucher to choose one to get a free FULL sized one. 

 Deluxe Fragrance Sampler $50 

  • adorable boxed packaging! 
  • 12 sample scents 
  • refillable fragrance atomizer
  • great gift to give or receive! 

 Collection's Edition Fragrance Sampler $75

  • 10 larger sized perfumes 
  • The bottles are all in original packaging
  • $175 original value (saving $100) 
  • return voucher for full size! 

What a cool deal right!?! Click here for more details on each set. They each come with some really nice scents with a wide variety of choices! Please leave comments and requests below.
XO Charlotte

Turkey Trot Update: Training

Hey Everyone! Thanksgiving is on way which means the trot is almost here! I'm ready, and have been training. First off, I've been running 2.5+ miles everyday. Today I ran a longer one of 4 miles. I decided that I'll be doing the longer race (10k) which is 6 miles instead. Hopefully it goes well! What are your Thanksgiving plans? 
XO Charlotte 

Friday, November 18, 2011

ELF: Holiday Beauty Face Book

Hey Everyone! I was browsing on eyeslipsface.com when I saw something that I liked! It's called the Holiday Beauty Face Book. I thought I would share:

  • $5!! 
  • 4 Face Shimmers 
  • 4 Concealer Shades 
  • 1 Blush
  • 1 Bronzer
  • a Face Brush
  • An instruction and diagram insert
  • Adorable book packaging!
WOW! A great deal right!? I might be adding this to my Christmas list if I were you...(: 
XOXO Charlotte 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mmmm goodness: SMOOTHIES!

I know, you're thinking- it's almost winter- and you're having a smoothie!? Crazy, but true. Today, I felt a craving for a smoothie. It needed to be yummy, and good, while still (mostly) healthy. Here's the one that I'm trying: 

Banana-Berry Smoothie: 


  • 1 1/4 cups orange juice
  • 1 ripe medium banana, peeled and sliced
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries, blackberries or raspberries
  • 1/2 cup silken tofu
  • 2 ice cubes, crushed (see Tip)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar, (optional)
My Take/Version:
  • 1 medium ripe banana, peeled and sliced
  • 3/4 cup fat-free milk 
  • 1/4 sliced grapefruit
  • 2 cups ice
  • Packet of Stevia or Equal 
 Please leave comments and requests below. XO Charlotte

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cute Coats: Fall and Winter

Looking for that perfect coat? One that offers warmth and doesn't compromise for style?! Look at these for some inspiration: 

Macy's Dollhouse Coat: It's on extreme sale for $14.99!! I love this style because it offers everything: the perfect puff, a cinching-waist, fur hood, and secret warmth! Brown compliments this style so well, but it is also available in black or white.

Target's Fur Bomber: For $49.99, you get the ultimate deal- successfully staying warm, while staying in style. This bomber is lined with adorable and cozy fur. It also has cute detailing and zipper pockets! It's available in brown, grey, or black. 

 Forever 21's Perfect Peacoat: For $27.80, you're getting a great deal! This wool coat looks sophisticated, while totally easy to pull off! With a waist-belt, you'll never look boxy, and the cute buttons add bling! 

What's your favorite? What's most practical for where you live? Please leave requests below.
XO Charlotte


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Natural Beauty-spiration: Blake Lively!

Even though Fall and Winter are great times to dramatize your looks, it's nice to refresh yourself and add glow to dull skin! Blake Lively is a perfect Natural Beauty-spiration! Check it out: 

  • inner corner highlights: brighten up eyes big time!
  • rosy glow: instantly livens up your face.
  • dark lashes: gives definition

  • dewy skin: moisturize to look fresh! 
  • flawless face: prep and prime with a light foundation, or concealer to cover up what's needed. 
  • acne fighter: wash your face at LEAST once a day, use a facial cleanser, and acne treatment. 
  • stay hydrated: drink your H2Os! 

  • highlight right: add a little highlight or shimmer to define cheekbones! 
  • add warmth: give a little pop of color to your lips, but think rosy. 
  • fresh face: don't overdo! less is more! 


Blake Lively has great taste and I am a huge fan! I want to do a post about her hair and how she styles it (would that be enjoyed?!). Please leave requests and comments below.
XOXO Charlotte

Monday, November 14, 2011

Are You Ready: Breaking Dawn Part 1

 As a Twilight fan, I am so excited for the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. I have to admit, the hype hasn't been as great as it once was. BUT- I wanted to bring back the vampire spirit and get pumped for the new movie! 

Are you a fan? XO Charlotte 

Luccy Writes Giveaway: 12 Days of Christmas from LUSH!

 Doesn't winning a lush prize sound amazing!? Well now you have a chance to win a 12 Days of Christmas set from Lush. It includes:

Superstars Bubble Bar
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic
100g Snow Globe Soap
100g Candy Cane Soap
Lil' Lush Pud Bath Ballistic
So White Bath Ballistic
Cinders Bath Ballistic
Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic
Check out the link here! Good luck to everyone! XO Charlotte 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fit in a Workout on a Busy Day!

Just cuz' your busy doesn't mean you can't get exercise in. Here are some ways to fit in quick and easy workouts in your day: 
  • Before bed, do some yoga or dance! It'll relax you and get your body moving. 
  • Catching up on rerunds?! Do a variety of squats, push ups, sit ups, and planks while your watching. During the 1 minute commercials, push your self with a cardio blast! 
  • Have a pet? Take it for a walk and enjoy getting outside. You'll get in a good workout, while doing your chores! 
Hope you found these helpful! Happy Saturday! 
XO Charlotte 

Top Trend: Berry Lips

For Fall and Winter, dark, berry lips are totally in season! Here are some different ways to mix up colors and glossiness! 

These celebs rock different shades of berry! You have raspberry, plum, red, fuchsia, magenta, and crimson! It's a great way to add drama to your look, or add a pop to a casual fall outfit! What's your favorite type of berry lips? 

XOXO Charlotte! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Geek Charming: Sarah Hyland

Okay, so I have an obsession for the show, "Modern Family." It cracks me up, and my family loves watching it together. One of the cast members, Sarah Hyland, happens to be a style star, and cute celeb. She'll be starring tonight in Disney's Geek Charming. Her costar is Matt Prokop (HSM 3). They crush on each other in the movie, and they are real life BF/GFs! Here are some cute pics of her, along with her BF! 

 Sarah looks so cute. I love her dress, along with her deep set eyes! SO cute(: 

 A bit more casual- but they still make an adorable couple. I love Sarah's laid back over sized sweater, ripped jeans, and biker boots!

Sharing a laugh, the couple looks great at the Emmys. Sarah's one-shoulder dress is to die for, and they make a cute pair. Plus, her makeup looks stunning (view here for close up!).

Hope you found this post fun! I love Sarah, and hope to do a post more on her. I would love to do a series on her makeup, hair, and style. Please leave comments and requests on what you think.  Don't forget to check her out in her new moving, Geek Charming!
XOXO Charlotte! 
P.S. Happy 11-11-11!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CMAs 2011: Carrie's Best Looks!

If any of you were watching, Carrie Underwood hosted the CMAs this year. She pulled out 11 glamorous looks. Here are my favorites: 

 I love this strapless, baby pink, sparkly dress. Its neckline is very unique, and if you look closely, the pattern has a different design. 

 I think dresses like these can only be pulled off in a specific way. I think she looks great! I like how the front doesn't ride up too much. The pattern is also super adorable. 

 Carrie mixes up a version of the sparkly mini. This dress consists of bronze, and gold sparkles. The shoulders are a new touch, and she wears it well. 

Who do you think stood out fashion wise? Please leave comments and requests below. 
XOXO Charlotte!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ELF Wishlist!

I receive emails from ELF Brand Makeup all the time. Sometimes I delete them, and other times I check it out to see any good deals. I was scrolling through their website and found some "Wishlist" items. I thought I would be fun to post about. These are only ELF products, but if you would like more from different brands, or overall, than I'll create more! 

 E.L.F. Essential Holiday Liquid Eyeliner Collection: $3
-Copper Glitter

I've been looking for some glitter liners, and this set looks perfect!

E.L.F. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Warm: $5


-32 sleek shadows

For only $5, you get a palette, and mirror. This is not only a great deal, but is an amazing gift!

 E.L.F. Studio Shimmer Gloss Set: $5

Includes Shades: 

-Victoria, Miami, Pink, Houston, and New York City 

You get 5 studio lip glosses, in one adorable set- how cute! They range from a shimmer, peach, strawberry, fuscia, to bright berry. They are regularly $3 each, and in this set, you get each one for $1. You're saving $10! 

All these wishlist products are making me long for Christmas. This was fun and I hope to do more! XOXO Charlotte