Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bad Hair Day Tips and Tricks!

When your curls just won't fall right, or your "straight" hair has bends- here are some hairstyles that will hold the aggravation and still look cute!

Try a Top Knot! 
Wrap your hair up in a bun that looks fresh, and gets the hair out your face, while looking classic and cute! This is also perfect for all hairstyles and takes less that a minute to achieve. 

Easy Ponytail! 
Back to basics. Try an easy, curled pony. It takes about five minutes to create some bouncy waves within a few strands of hair. Tip: to cover up the rubber band, take a strand of hair from the bony and wrap it around the rubber band, secure with boby pins. I get tons of compliments with that trick! 

They secure really nicely, and are perfect for everyone! Try a girly side braid. Or pull it back for a sporty look. Incorporate a fish tail! BTW- it takes 2 minutes tops to accomplish! 

Half Up-Half Down! 
This will highlight the parts that you love, and pull back all the frizzy, irritable pieces to be less noticeable! It's great for all hair lengths and takes 30 seconds to pin it.

Hope this was helpful and gave some good ideas! What are your tips for bad hair days?
XOXO Charlotte

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