Friday, November 25, 2011

Randomness: Turkey Trot, Nails, and Black Friday!

Hey y'all!! My family has been obsessed with that term! hahaha! I had some things to catch up on: Turkey Trot, Nails, and Black Friday. So here goes: 
  1. Turkey Trot: So I woke up on Thanksgiving morning to a pretty nice day. It was about 40 degrees which is actually pretty good weather for running considering where I live. Plus you warm up after jogging for a bit. I had half a banana with some peanut butter on the side- I didn't want to feel bloaty from eating. Once we got to the race, we stretched and lightly jogged around to warm up. Since I ran the 10k (6.2 miles), which is the longest route, we started first. I was nervous, but once you start you just keep going. By mile 4, I actually passed by my house. My mom and sister had created a huge sign supporting me (and my dad who ran with me). They video taped and took tons of pictures. I'll make sure to post pictures soon. In the end, we finished strong. I felt so good afterwards- even thought at first I was tired. Later that day we had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner though! 
  2. Black Friday: On Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving), my family isn't into camping out for the best deals. We tend to find that we can get great Christmas deals anytime before. We'll drive around and look in stores for fun, and if we see anything we'll buy it, but not a lot. After a run and some lunch, we took off. We wanted to look at things and get inspiration for Christmas gifts. I ended up getting a cropped sweater. It's navy, and is a cable knit style. I found a similar photo of cropped sweaters in the latest Seventeen magazine, and picked up this one. The sales decreased the price by 80% off! Sometimes we get a deal! 
  3. Nails: My sister, mom, and I ended our day with pedicures. It's unusual, but well deserved. My feet have been looking hideous lately because of the Turkey Trot training. They are all rough, and my nails were chipped, so it was well deserved! I chose the color Red Essence from China Glaze. The shade is perfect for the winter spirit, and the shine compliments the shade well! 
How was your Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Mine was well spent :) 

XOXO Charlotte 
P.S. We spent the after noon after the Trot decorating Christmas-style(: You can tell that we're getting into the spirit!

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