Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sarah Hyland Series: Hair

Since I got tons of great feedback from my recent Sarah Hyland style post, I thought it would be fun to do some on her hair and makeup. First off is hair! I love how she styles her hair, and how it has changed and evolved. Here are my favorite looks that would be great for all to try! 

 Braided Do' 
With shiny, beachy, locks, this look is totally easy! 


1. Part your hair so that you can french braid across your head.  (make sure to leave out your bangs or shorter front pieces)
2. French braid and then pin 
3. Loosely curl your hair. 
4. Walla! Lightly spritz hair with hairspray for a tighter hold, or go without. 

Wavy Up-do
This up-do is easier than it looks, and is super quick too! 


1. Curl several strands of hair with a bigger wand or iron. 

1. Loosely gather hair to a little above the nape of your neck. 2. Slowly twist your hair while applying pins needed.
3. Let it be messy. The hair that falls out can either be curled to frame your face, pinned back, or twisted/braided for a cool effect. 

Quick & Easy
An on the go look that doesn't lack style. 


1. Part hair to the side. 
2. Gather hair to one side of choice. 
3. Start braiding at about ear level. 
4. Secure braid at different spots depending on hair lever. Sarah's is secured about 3/4 way down.
5. Pin fall out. Bangs can be straightened if needed. 

Hope you enjoyed these looks/mini tutorials. I think Sarah has great style inspiration. What do you think? Have a great Sunday!
XOXO Charlotte  

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