Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: ELF Eye Products

I am doing another review on some ELF products. I hope this is helpful!

 ELF Duo Waterproof/Regular Mascara: Black
Price: $1     Grade: **
I love ELF products, but their mascaras are a let down. For $1, it might seem like a steal (especially since it's double sided), but if you want one that gives major lashes and lives up to its expectations, you might want to throw out a couple more dollars. Mascaras are usually inexpensive for the results. The wand isn't clumpy, but it doesn't lengthen or volumize. It merrily just sits on your lashes to darken them, but nothing else. I don't use the regular side because it offers nothing, but I'll occasionally use the waterproof side. If you jump in a pool, it won't smudge until you touch it. This works best on bottom lashes.

ELF Waterproof Eyliner Pen: Black
Price: $1     Grade: ***
This eyeliner is a little better than the mascara. It swatches really nice and the waterproof consistency works well until touched and smudged. I find that when I put it on my eye, the color doesn't show as well as it does in the swatch. I might not be putting as much pressure on the eye, but it shouldn't take me tugging on it to appear. This works well on the upper lashes. It has a marker consistency. It isn't a really dark black, but for $1, it's worth trying out.  

I hope you found my reviews helpful! Please leave comments and requests below! 
XOXO Charlotte <3  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kardashian Fashion: Part 5!

Lastly is... KENDALL! She's the raved about teen who is going to be the next big thing! Here's a look at her style: 

Kendall is only 15, but she has major style! This body-con dress looks amazing on Kendall's fit figure. It adds length to her and also slims! 

 Kendall is layered and looks boho comfy. She has a big knit sweater with a tribal scarf, biker boots, skinny jeans, and a fringe bag on! She totally rocks this look and is very inspirational. 

 Kendall's face is very flush and dewy, and her eyes have that opening effect. Her eye's have a little shimmer and the silver really brightens. The dark liner on the waterline adds definition, and overall this is a beautiful makeup look! 

This concludes the Kardashian Fashion series. Please leave requests and comments below!! 
XOXO Charlotte(: 


Friday, September 23, 2011

Kardashian Fashion: Part 4

We're bringing in the Jennners- next up... KYLIE! Kylie is a young teen that's not as glamour, but more everyday high fashion. Hope you enjoy <3

Here's Kylie at a photo shoot. She has an amazing figure, and shows off these outfits. They all have a pop to them, and she looks like a natural model! 

 Kylie is just an average girl (other than her Kardashian Fame!). She rocks her uniform, while supporting her school pride!

 Kylie looks really nice with a natural face. Very light eyes, which a natural glowy cheek, and some pink lips looks fresh. Her skin looks glowing and flawless!

I hope you all enjoyed this! Please leave comments and requests below! Thanks(: 
XOXO Charlotte!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kardashian Fashion: Part 3

Next up is, KOURTNEY! Kourtney is simple and sleek. She has a very effortless and go-to look! 

 Kourtney looks glowing at this event. She looks happy and although she's pregnant, this dress fits so nicely.

Kourtney pulls off rompers so well with her great legs. Her accessories are adorable and she looks casual. 

 Kourtney usually plays it safe with a natural look. I love the major lashes and the deep eyes. I also think she can really pull off this bright red. Overall, it's a great "All Out" look!

Hope you're enjoying this series! Have an amazing day and please leave comments below! 
XOXO Charlotte :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kardashian Fashion Guide: Part 2!

Next up for my Kardashian Fashion is.... KHLOE!! Khloe is fierce and really beats to her own drum. She doesn't care about other people's opinions. 

 Khloe rocks this animal printed mullet dress. I think this flatters her, and adds a fierce pop! Khloe is glowing and looks confident. 

I love this fall look: skinny jeans, boots, a darker shirt with a cozy sweater. I think everyone can pull off this look and it's super comfy for those days when you don't feel like dressing up, but it still looks effortless. 

 I love this look because Khloe looks fresh, fun, non-oily, and naturally golden instead of being overly bronzy. She has a glossy pink lip, warm cheeks, and a golden eye with dramatic lashes! Overall, this look is gorgeous!

Hope you all enjoy :) I am having so much fun putting this series together! Please leave comments and requests below! Thanks(: 
XOXO Charlotte :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your Ultimate Kardashian Fashion Guide!

I love watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, not only because of the drama, but also because of the fashion! Their style is really modern and upbeat. I'll be doing a series for the next five days featuring one of the girls: Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. I'll be doing one best red carpet look, one best everyday look, and another best makeup look. First off is: KIM!

 Kim Kardashian has pulled off many gorgeous looks, but with her amazing curves, I think this one flatters like nothing else! It's not the biggest risk, but it flatters very well and compliments her like it was made for her. 


I know that Kim has rocked sweaters, boots, and heavy jewelry, but this is just casual chic! She pulls this off so well! I love just the plain leggings and tank with the vintage jean vest and suede boots. This is something that I would want to wear, maybe change some pieces, but a very similar look is really cute! 


Kim usually rocks very bronzed skin, and a deep brown smokey eye. I like this because she has major lashes, but a very natural and flawless face. She looks like she has perfect skin, and not so much contouring, which can sometimes be overwhelming! Kim truly looked amazing on her big day!

I hope you all enjoyed my KIM look! Stay tuned for tomorrows look! Please leave comments, and reviews below! 
XOXO Charlotte (:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Makeup Haul!

Hi(: I went to Bartell's (a new fave) and bought some makeup! Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm trying to get back into it. Enjoy! 

Wet n' Wild: Walking On Eggshells Eyeshadow Trio
This product has been raved about a lot! I have heard some really good reviews on this and thought I would give it a try! I have used it once, and I am going to do a review on it soon. This is great for school!  

Wet n' Wild: Natural Blend Lip Shimmer in Berry (104)
Wet n' Wild was having a buy one, get one free deal, so I got the eyeshadow trio and bought this free! I love the way these feel on my lips, and the color pay off is really nice.  

Wet n' Wild Lip shimmer: Berry 104

 NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick in Femme
 This color is major pigmented and is super fun and upbeat. It is really pretty coral, bright watermelon. I wore this to a concert and it looked super cute!

 Here's the swatches: Berry from Wet n' Wild is on top, and Femme from NYX is on bottom.

I hope you all enjoyed! I'll be posting reviews and more posts ASAP! I really want to get back into posting daily, or every other day, I just need to find the time. Please leave requests in the comments! Thanks :) 
XOXO Charlotte <3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target Clothing Haul!

Hi Everyone(: I feel horrible of my lack of posts! I am trying to pre-write and come up with some fun ones that aren't too time consuming. Leave requests below! 

When I was at Target the other day, I looked in the clearance section (Women's), and got some great finds! You have to search awhile, but I found some cute stuff :) 

Sorry about the bad lighting! The skirt has a really cute pattern, and if I didn't get a close up, you couldn't see it! This is a bodycon mini that I got for $6.50- half off! I have been really wanting a bodycon mini, and I finally found one I liked! I would definitely see if you could snag this, I also saw other patterns too! 

I also found this adorable oversized floral shirt. It has a silky texture and is really boxy. I think it'll look great for fall with some skinnies and boots! 

This is a picture of the price tag for the shirt-- $4.24!!! OMG! I got this adorable floral tee for $4! It was a great steal! In the backround you can see a close up of the print: black backround with purple, green, and blue flowers! 

I hope you enjoyed this small haul! I always love checking out sale items because I can find things that I have been wanting for awhile for a great discount! 
XOXO Charlotte(:

H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment Review

Recently my mom went to Lush for me.  I don't have one near where I live, and she has one where she works.  So it all worked out!:)  She picked up a bath bomb for a give away at my blog and several samples.  One of them was the H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment.

This is something I would love to buy.  It made my hair feel amazing, which is a tough job.  I would definitely say this makes me feel gorgeous!

Thanks to the heat and chemicals I have coarse, dry hair that loves to be frizzy.  When it dries naturally it becomes extremely curly so it's the hardest thing to work with.  It also doesn't accept many beauty products.  So to find something that works is a big deal.

I put this on after I shampooed and conditioned.  I let it sit while I did the necessary things in the shower like cleansing my face, shaving, and washing my body.  After that I rinsed it out.

The Breakdown:
Smell- Other reviewers have hated the smell of this stuff.  I don't even know what it's supposed to smell like.  I really liked the smell though.  To me it smelled like gingerbread cookies.  Yum, right?

Washability- This stuff rinsed out easily.  Even while I was washing out this treatment my hair felt soft.

Feeling- My hair is super soft thanks to this stuff.  I've been wanting to run my fingers through my hair all day long thanks to this stuff.

Look- My hair looks healthier and shinier.  What else could I ask for?

Overall I would recommend this to anyone with my similar hair type.  Anyone with dry hair really.  For $19.95 you can get 7.9 oz. of this stuff.  Since I had a sample I don't know how long a tub of this would last me, but I've heard it lasts 4-7 washes.

P.S. I will be doing more guest posts until Charlotte can actively post again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Magnificant Mondays: Stunning Sunset

Hey guys!  My name is Claire and I'm the new guest blogger for this blog.  Every Monday I will be posting a eye tutorial for you guys to see.  This week I'm doing a sunset look.

Step 1: Prime your eyelids.  I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original.

Step 2:
 Use a yellow/golden color and a medium shader brush to cover the inner third of your eyelid and lower lash line.

Step 3:
 Use a orange color and a medium shader brush to cover the rest of your eyelid and lower lash line.

Step 4:
Use a pink color in the crease with a crease brush.

Step 5:

 Take a color matching your skin tone to use as a highlight on your brow bone and inner corner of your eye.  Use a small shader brush.

Step 6:
 Use a brown pencil eyeliner on your lower waterliner and corner.

Step 7:
 Use your favorite mascara on your top lashes.

Recommended pairings:
Urban Decay Creme Blush in the shade Quickie
MAC LipGlass in Pink Lemonade


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Target Haul!

Today I have a Target Haul! This is very budget friendly and not too big! I hope you all enjoy, and comment if you want reviews!

Clearasil Acne + Marks Wash and Mask $5
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color: Mint Sorbet $2.64
Title: Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color: Time to Shine ON SALE! $1.84
TITLE: Time To Shine
ELF Eyeshadow Brush $1
TOTAL PRICE: $10.48!
I got all of these products for about $10! These products also are great dupes: 
  • Clearasil compares to higher end products such as Proactive, and Clarisonic
  • The ELF Eyeshadow brush compares to a MAC 239 Shader Brush!
  • Mint Sorbet from Sally Hansen is just has good as Mint Candy Apple from Essie!
  • Time To Shine from Sally Hansen is just as pigmented at Orly's Rage!
I hope you enjoyed my haul! Leave a comment if you want reviews on any of these products!
Please leave requests below! 

XOXO Charlotte(: 
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely Links: August Favorites!

I wanted to get my August favorites in as soon as I could- but apologizes for it being late! I can't believe It's already September. I feel like August flew by and school has already started! Here's my August faves: 

I hope you enjoyed my August Favorites! What was your favorite product of the summer? 
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P.S.S. Check out the guest blog link in the sidebar. If your a beauty blogger, and want to get your blog around I suggest it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

got2b Haul & Review: Hair Products

 When I was at Walgreens awhile ago, they were having a buy one, get one free for got2b hair products! I got two full sized products for $5.99! I thought I would haul it and give my reviews! 

got2b kinkier curling mousse
Grade: *****
I rave about this product! Whenever I was my hair, I wait for it to air dry for about 15-20 minutes. I then scrunch my hair to get a nice textured wave. The results are really nice- and while I'm scrunching I can see the curls for and become defined. I recommend this to all hair types- curly and straight.
got2b glossy shine serum
Grade: ****
This is said to be used on wet hair- but I think you could use it for fly aways with dry. This is not as good as the curling mousse, but it still works pretty well. I use it mostly on my ends and front pieces. I want them to be less frizzy and have more of a sleek finish. A little goes a long way! You need a pea size amount and this bottle is full of product! It'll last you forever! I definitely think it is worth trying and might work on different hair types, such as straight hair (I have curly).

I hope you enjoyed this post! For a long time I wanted to try out got2b products, and I want to invest in some more. They have great deals and affordable prices. If you have any got2b products, leave a comment with your review! Have an amazing day :) Please leave requests!
XOXO Charlotte
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