Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: ELF Eye Products

I am doing another review on some ELF products. I hope this is helpful!

 ELF Duo Waterproof/Regular Mascara: Black
Price: $1     Grade: **
I love ELF products, but their mascaras are a let down. For $1, it might seem like a steal (especially since it's double sided), but if you want one that gives major lashes and lives up to its expectations, you might want to throw out a couple more dollars. Mascaras are usually inexpensive for the results. The wand isn't clumpy, but it doesn't lengthen or volumize. It merrily just sits on your lashes to darken them, but nothing else. I don't use the regular side because it offers nothing, but I'll occasionally use the waterproof side. If you jump in a pool, it won't smudge until you touch it. This works best on bottom lashes.

ELF Waterproof Eyliner Pen: Black
Price: $1     Grade: ***
This eyeliner is a little better than the mascara. It swatches really nice and the waterproof consistency works well until touched and smudged. I find that when I put it on my eye, the color doesn't show as well as it does in the swatch. I might not be putting as much pressure on the eye, but it shouldn't take me tugging on it to appear. This works well on the upper lashes. It has a marker consistency. It isn't a really dark black, but for $1, it's worth trying out.  

I hope you found my reviews helpful! Please leave comments and requests below! 
XOXO Charlotte <3  


  1. I have both of these too they are not my fave either but they are not the worst that I have tried.

    KV <3

  2. i have the mascara but found it always made mark below my eyelashes and took agggges to dry!:(