Sunday, September 4, 2011

got2b Haul & Review: Hair Products

 When I was at Walgreens awhile ago, they were having a buy one, get one free for got2b hair products! I got two full sized products for $5.99! I thought I would haul it and give my reviews! 

got2b kinkier curling mousse
Grade: *****
I rave about this product! Whenever I was my hair, I wait for it to air dry for about 15-20 minutes. I then scrunch my hair to get a nice textured wave. The results are really nice- and while I'm scrunching I can see the curls for and become defined. I recommend this to all hair types- curly and straight.
got2b glossy shine serum
Grade: ****
This is said to be used on wet hair- but I think you could use it for fly aways with dry. This is not as good as the curling mousse, but it still works pretty well. I use it mostly on my ends and front pieces. I want them to be less frizzy and have more of a sleek finish. A little goes a long way! You need a pea size amount and this bottle is full of product! It'll last you forever! I definitely think it is worth trying and might work on different hair types, such as straight hair (I have curly).

I hope you enjoyed this post! For a long time I wanted to try out got2b products, and I want to invest in some more. They have great deals and affordable prices. If you have any got2b products, leave a comment with your review! Have an amazing day :) Please leave requests!
XOXO Charlotte
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  1. I think trying this would be worth it, thanks for letting me know about these products!

  2. I have Got2b kinkier curling moouse! I love it!! it feels so light weight but it really does add some curl!! :)