Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target Clothing Haul!

Hi Everyone(: I feel horrible of my lack of posts! I am trying to pre-write and come up with some fun ones that aren't too time consuming. Leave requests below! 

When I was at Target the other day, I looked in the clearance section (Women's), and got some great finds! You have to search awhile, but I found some cute stuff :) 

Sorry about the bad lighting! The skirt has a really cute pattern, and if I didn't get a close up, you couldn't see it! This is a bodycon mini that I got for $6.50- half off! I have been really wanting a bodycon mini, and I finally found one I liked! I would definitely see if you could snag this, I also saw other patterns too! 

I also found this adorable oversized floral shirt. It has a silky texture and is really boxy. I think it'll look great for fall with some skinnies and boots! 

This is a picture of the price tag for the shirt-- $4.24!!! OMG! I got this adorable floral tee for $4! It was a great steal! In the backround you can see a close up of the print: black backround with purple, green, and blue flowers! 

I hope you enjoyed this small haul! I always love checking out sale items because I can find things that I have been wanting for awhile for a great discount! 
XOXO Charlotte(:

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