Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Trot Training!

I am so happy to announce that this is my 100th post! I am ecstatic that I have gone this far, and still continued to do it! I didn't plan anything spectacular, because I'm still waiting to achieve even more, but I thought this post would be fun!

This Thanksgiving, I will be justifying my helpings by participating in my city's Turkey Trot. Most cities have them- they are basically a race that anyone can enter to run either a 5k (3 miles) or a 10k (6 miles). My dad and I will be running the 5k (3 mile) together. We've started training so that we're ready for the race. I thought I would blog about each day that I trained all the way up to the race. 

SATURDAY: Played 2 hours worth of soccer (P.S. we won!) 
                      Ran the route (+1 extra mile), with a total of 4 miles ran 
SUNDAY:     30 minute cardio and agility training, 2 hours of softball practice 

I'm not training to get first place, I'm training to get back into running, and strengthen the muscles that are used while running. I am also doing this with my dad, so it's fun bonding with him! 
XOXO Charlotte

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  1. good luck with your training and your event! Xx