Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moroccan Oil

One of my ALL TIME favorite products is... Moroccan Oil. It is an amazing styling product for your hair. I absolutely love it! Here are some of the products that they offer: 


What it does: 
  • conditions, styles, and finishes 
  • blends with other products 
  • transforms and repairs lost proteins
  • gives strength and healthy proteins 
  • acts as a heat protectant 

 Frizz Control

What it does: 
  • eliminates frizz for all hair types 
  • weather-resistant 
  • keeps hair smooth, calm, and manageable

Luminous Hairspray

What it does: 
  • lightweight and workable 
  • long-lasting, flexible hold 
  • no "sticky" or "hard" residue 
  • can be brushed out easily 
  • provides a shine that combats frizz and humidity 

Other products by Moroccan Oil: 
  • Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • Styling Creams 
  • Hair Masks 
  • Scalp Treatments 
  • Curl Mousse 
  • Shine Serum 
Is it worth it? 

YES! If you've been struggling to find a product you like, there is no don't you won't like this. There are other inexpensive products out there that work well, but if your looking for one specific thing that you want to focus on, I suggest checking Moroccan Oil out. Although it is expensive, a little goes a long way, and the quality is worth the price. Their formula is salon-worth, and very nutritious for your hair. 

Where can I purchase? 

Moroccan Oil is available at selected salons and online. 

Have you tried Moroccan Oil? XO Charlotte

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