Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back To School Countdown: 1-2 Weeks

 I know that some people have either already started, start this week, or start after Labor Day, but I thought I might as well still post this. About 1-2 weeks before school you should probably start shopping. You'll want to get all your supplies as for school (binders, paper, pens, notebook), and some new clothes and/or shoes. Shopping is probably my favorite part. I start on September 1, and I went school shopping (supplies) about two weeks ago, and as for clothes, I've bought a little at a time over the summer. As for clothes, I've made a post about what you'll need for clothing which you can check out here. Make sure you get transitioning pieces. Sometimes before school you forget that in a month the weather will dramatically change. Even though when you're shopping it's sunny and warm, it'll soon get breezy and chilly. I always look for key pieces like: jeans, a jacket, a pair of shoes, and some everyday tees. I'm going to be putting up a couple of back to school posts today so I can fit them all in before Labor Day. Hope you enjoy  <3 
XOXO Charlotte
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