Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mermaid's Tail: Nail of the Day

I recently decided to paint my nails a teal/royal blue with iridescent greens and aquas. This is the perfect mermaid's tail combination. The blue represents the tail, and the glitter on the ring finger represents the scales and shimmer. 

 I used NYC's Empire State Blue on all my fingers, and NYC's Starry Silver Glitter on my ring finger. I also wore NYC's topcoat.

This is a close up on my fingers. The blue ranges from teal/navy/ and royal blue depending on the light. It shimmers, but the dark color tones it down. The ring finger has chunky glitter on top. I wanted something with actual glitter to complete the look, and add dimension. This combination makes the perfect mermaid tail!

I hope you enjoyed this nail of the day! All these colors are 99 cents and are available at any drugstore. I personally love this pair, and will be wearing it throughout summer and fall! 
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XOXO Charlotte


  1. i love this look so much! i want to try it out! try this one out next, i'm wearing the look now & i think it's awesome! if you do a post on it, could you mention me in it? haha, i;m looking to get my blog out there! (: here's the link!

  2. I'll try to get a post on it and feature you! Look out for it :)