Monday, August 1, 2011

Sally Beauty Supply Haul

I've always wanted to check out Sally Beauty Supply, and today when I was shopping, I saw one and I totally had to go in. I wanted to check it out, and see what they had. I only got a couple of items, but I wanted to haul it!

The first thing I got was a navy gel eyeliner from Femme Couture.  This is my first gel eyeliner, and I wanted to try it out. I wanted a navy because I wanted something close to black, but lighter. This is originally $5.99, but I got it on sale for $1.99! The next thing I got was some nail art stickers. I love adding these to my toes! They are really easy to apply, and last a long time! Mine have little hearts on them! This was $2.99. I also got an overnight lash treatment. This will lengthen and strengthen your lashes overnight! This was also $2.99! I also bought Orly's nail polish in Frisky. This is a really pretty aqua/tiffany blue. This was $5.49. The last thing I bought was some pencil eyeliners. It was buy two, get one free, so I went with the deal. It was $1.79 each. I got one in black, and two in white.

That was all I got! I hope you enjoyed this, and look out for a back to school haul soon! Enjoy<3
XOXO Charlotte


  1. I love Sally's, I always get my hair dye there because it's better quality for a cheaper price.


  2. yeah, when i was in there, they had alot of hair products!

  3. i got my hair crimper there, works soo soo good! love ur blogs, check mine out as well?

  4. I noticed that they did have a lot of hair products and tools! I'll have to check it out soon!

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  7. Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

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