Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Skintimate Shave Products

I recently picked up Skintimate Shave Products. I thought I should do a review on these and share my thoughts on them!

Out of all the different types of Skintimate products, this group would be the most average. This group consists of a gel formula. They work amazing, but do not specialize in anything. I picked up the Raspberry one (Pink), and I absolutely loved it! It made my legs smooth and gorgeous! Plus, it smelt really nice! Some creams and gels leave irritation bumps on my legs, which I hate. This product not only did not give me those bumps, but fixed and removed the bumps from the previous product used! This is fairly inexpensive (around $2). I've used it for 3 weeks, and still have tons left!  

 This is the more specialized group of products. This group consists of a gel formula. This is the 'Skin Therapy' group. There are 3 products in the group that are meant to work or fix what you need for your skin. The pink one is for dry skin. This gives touchably smooth skin, and protects against cuts. It gives moisture and a smooth shave. The blue one (middle product) helps by keeping your skin smooth and healthy. It creates a baby soft finish. The last one (green), is made for sensitive skin. This is for skin that irritates quickly and breaks out into rashes. This has a formula that fixes rashes and prevents from getting them.

This is the moisturizing cream shave. This is basically like the Skin Therapy group, except it's in cream form. This gives the luxurious shave you want. It has great results that are sleek and sensational. The first one (pink), is made for dry skin. It is instantly softer and hydrated. The second one (green) is for extra gentle skin. It gives a cushion of moisture and protection. The last one (blue) specializes in revitalizing your skin. It leaves your skin silky smooth, and revitalized.

I love this line of shave gels and creams. This is definitely my favorite type! I recommend it to everyone to try out. They have so many different types, scents, textures, and range to help many different skin types. Overall, this product deserves an A!
XOXO Charlotte


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