Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 Reasons Why You'll Love: Skinny Bootcut

I have a new jean find: SKINNY BOOTCUT! It is now my ultimate favorite! They are literally glued to my thighs and calf! This is the pair I have from 7 for all mankind

 7 reasons why you'll love: 
  1. The perfect fit! They hug your thighs and bum, and then flare out! There is NO bunching or riding up. They fit like a glove! 
  2. Comfort is key :) Although the upper half is fitted, they remain the comfiest jeans ever! The material is a bit stretchy, while keeping the classy designer material. 
  3. The wash is classic. The refreshing dark color looks great on everyone while looking chic. You can pair anything with it. 
  4. They pair well with everything. Yep. Converse, boots, heels. Whatever floats your boat. 
  5. 7 For All Man Kind is a trusted brand. I love it, and is one of my favorite jean designers. It hasn't let me down yet! 
  6. $169, is pricey. BUT- considering how much I love and recommend these, $169 is a steal!
  7. Last but not least, these are the best of the best just because. They fit where you want them to and flare out at the right spot. The wash is so complimenting and the hem is perfect. The detailing is just right from front to back. Enough said. 
Just wanted to share! XOXO Charlotte 

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