Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Reads!

Hey everyone! Sorry I couldn't get a post in yesterday- super busy! I've recently started some good reads and I wanted to share. I just finished a really good book by Nicholas Sparks (beloved author!) called The Wedding.
Short story: I stopped by Goodwill the other day to drop off some things and noticed their book section. They had a bunch of paperbacks for $1! I picked up two along with this Nicholas Sparks novel. If you want a book review, I'll write one, but overall, it was great. If you like Nicholas Sparks books, this is another good one. It gears toward older adults, but even I enjoyed it. 

 My second Goodwill find was the first book of the House of Night series, Marked. I've heard some good reviews about this book. I haven't started reading it yet, but this is my next one to get into. Have any of you read it? 

 At a local boutique, I picked up this book: Six Ingredients or Less: Light & Healthy. It looked really good, and since I'm always looking for healthy, easy recipes to try, I bought it. I've already marked sticky notes all over my favorite options, and if I make anything, I'll take pictures and post them! 

What are your winter reads? Do you have any good ones I should check out? 
XO Charlotte


  1. I love The Wedding, most people don't even know that there's a sequel to The Notebook.


  2. I love The Wedding! I was telling my husband that I wish they didn't have Noah and Allie die in the end of the movie so they could make this one too!!!

  3. I love Nicholas Sparks! I will definitely be checking this one out X

  4. The Wedding was a great quick read, and had a great twist!