Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Guide!

1 week away! Yayyy! To start off, I wanted to post on one of my favorite nail polish brands: Sally Hansen. I wanted to share a few that are worth checking out, or that are on my wishlist this year :) 

 Pacific Blue: I've been wanting this color forever!! I've heard great reviews and love the shade. 

 Cherry Red: An adorable holiday color! I love this red because it pops and doesn't look dull. 

 Wined Up: This raspberry will look great on your nails for winter. I love how you have the cranberry tones without being super dark. 

 Commander-in-Chic: This is a love or hate polish. It's a mix of gray and taupe. I'd definitely recommend it if your going for more nude nails.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great and relaxing Sunday! XO Charlotte 
Disclaimer: Sally Hansen is not sponsoring me.