Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Party Outfit Guide

Merry Christmas Eve! In just a few hours Santa will be delivering presents under my tree :) hehehe!  Tonight, my family and I are going to a Holiday party. It's a bit dressy, so I thought I would post on cute holiday party outfits to try. Feel free to mix it up and bling up the sparkle factor! 

GOAL: A wallet friendly dress that sparkles and shines on the dance floor.
ACHIEVE: Forever 21 (They have a large selection of adorable dresses starting at $15!)

GOAL: A cute and comfy sequin tee.
ACHIEVE: Nordstrom has a large selection with a variety of styles and colors. 

GOAL: Tons of glam worthy accessories for a reasonable price.
ACHIEVE: H&M (Their selection is large and the prices are small!) 
Hope you enjoyed my Holiday Party Guide! Tonight, I'm stuck between a cute skirt or a dress made casual. I'll fill you all in :) XOXO Charlotte


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