Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amazing Dupes!

I love finding products that can easily compare to high end items, especially when they cost a lot less. Here are some inexpensive products that I think are considered dupes for higher end products. Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

  •  Lashblast Mascara from Covergirl: $6.94! This is an amazing mascara, and I reccomend it to everyone! 
  • NYX Cream Blushes: $6.50 each! Cream blushes usually don't price that low, and the NYX ones are really good quality.
  • ELF Bronzer and Blush Duo: $3! I continue to rave about this product because not only is it $3, but it compares to the NARS Laguna and Orgasm Duo which is $40! 
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip: $9.34! This shimmer strip is similar to MAC's All that Glitters ($14.50), except it comes with more than one shade, and ranges in color. 
  • Overall, you save about: $30!!!

  • NYC Fuchsia Shock Creme: $1! This shade is the perfect barbie pink. It is really pigmented and only takes two coats. It might be the same quality as the Essie polish ($7.79-$8).
  • Revlon Minted: $3.74! I absolutely love Revlon polishes! They are really pigmented and have a great price! It is as good or better than Essie's Absolutely Shore which ranges from $7.79-$8! 
  • Overall, you save about: $11.05!!
I hope you found this helpful, and can check out the items that are considered dupes. If you have any other products that you think are as good or better than high end items, leave them below. I hope you enjoy, and have an amazing day :)

XOXO Charlotte

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