Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toning Tip: Make a Splash!

I am starting a new segment call "Toning Tip". I thought this was a great idea, and would be something different on my blog. I'll try to post these whenever needed, and depending on if I get good feedback from it! I am on vacation in Arizona right now. If any of you live or have been in Arizona, it's really hot! The relatives I am visiting have a pool and water sports. I have been doing a lot of swimming lately. I love to swim and play in the water, but I don't get to do it a lot. I swim laps in the morning, and continue to play in the pool for the rest of the day. If you are near a lake, pool, or any water, I would suggest going out and swimming. If you have water available, than swim laps, or swim to a bouie and back. I feel a difference in my arms, legs, and core. It tones your arms, and legs. My core feels tighter from the back and forth movement while doing crawl stroke. For the rest of the day, I play in the pool, and enjoy the sun. I have also been drinking a lot of water, and eating fruit, which I eat a lot of during the summer. If you want more of these "Toning Tip" posts than comment below! I will have some fun summer DIY's up soon! Enjoy!
XOXO Charlotte

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