Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorite Summer Accessories

For summer, i like to keep my accessories subtle but also a statement. Here's some pieces that I love!

I love a flower bib necklace for summer! They give any look a feminine vibe and create a girly feel.
I also adore layered colored bracelets. This one is thick and is a colorful pattern with a gold chain in it!

I love turquoise accessories in summer. They look great with a tan and add an effortless feel!

Another example of turquoise accessories are turquoise rings! They are so pretty and are a huge statement!

Layered necklaces are great all year round, but this one is colorful and bright, and the beaded material makes it more effortless!

I have emphasized a lot about how much I adore feathers-- but i had to add them in here again! They are boho, and have become a huge trend this season!

I hope you got some inspiration on my favorite accessories for summer! Comment below telling me one accessory you can't live without for summer! Thanks :) xoxo Charlotte


  1. Cool I love your taste in summer accessories! I love the necklaces, bracelets and the ring!

  2. Thanks! Tell me what you want to read for any back to school info!

  3. wow! you have real cute taste! i wish i were in summer, but here is winter! brrrr...anyways hope u can visit my blog sometime =) its in spanish but i will soon start posting in english too! i'm following u .have a great day!! =)
    xo Andy

  4. thanks so much! that's how i feel in winter! it's so cold, and finding cute accessories is really difficult! i'll check out your blog, and will read it once it's in english! thanks again!