Sunday, July 3, 2011

Color Blocking: Nails!

I just wanted to show you all my color blocking nails :) Hope you enjoy and try this out!

The colors I chose were a hot pink (NYC: Pink Promenade Creme) and a sky blue (LA Girl: Vinyl Record)!

My nails with the NYC color!

 My nails around the LA Girls polish.

 The pink is in the shade Pink Promenade Creme from NYC! I got it on sale for 89 cents but it is originally 99 cents! It's a great deal :)

 This is the blue color in Vinyl Record from LA Girls! I got this as a gift but I think they range from $1-$2!

My hand with the color blocking polish!

I absolutely love this nail polish trend! If you want me to make this a series with finding other colors for this trend comment below! I have tried this several times and I love the way it looks! Tell me what you think! Thanks :) 


  1. I love the cool ideas you have done!! Do more color blocking nails like maybe silver and purple or try crackle nail polish and give me your review on how it works!

  2. I love this trend too! I'll try to do a review on the crackle nail polish if I get a chance!