Monday, July 11, 2011

How Do you Shop?!?! TAG!!

I saw this super fun tag on! Here's my answers!

1. What's your favorite expensive designer? Steve Madden
2. What's your favorite inexpensive designer? Target (if that's a brand..)
3. When you buy products do you care who makes them? I want them to be good quality but i don't judge things by labels!
4. Do you buy high-end or drugstore makeup? BOTH(:
5. Do you spend a little at a time or do you splurge? I spend a little like every week. That way I don't splurge, but i can have a little reward at the end of the week!
6. What department stores do you shop at? Nordstrom
7. What discount stores do you shop at (ex. Loehmanns, TJ Maxx, etc.) TJ Maxx
8. Do you spend more on clothing or makeup? Clothing
9. Do you search for deals on clothing or do you just buy something no matter the price?
Both! I always look for good deals-- but if i really want it, and have been saving, I'll get it.
10. Last question: Do you love to shop?
Of course <3

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments below :) These questions were really fun to answer! Hope you enjoy!! xoxoxo Charlotte