Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday Haul! :)

My birthday was on July 3... yayyyy!! :) This is all the items I received for my birthday! Just a disclaimer, these things were all given to me as gifts, but I am very thankful and blessed for everything :)

I had asked for belts, because I nearly had any! This one is super adorable for summer, with the light beige color and the crochet detailing!  (Forever 21)

This is the close up on the beading of the pair of gladiator sandals that I got! I love the tribal print and fun colors! (Forever 21)

This is another belt I got in black. I like this because it is made for your waist, which I don't have a belt for.  (Forever 21)

This brown belt is really nice especially for school, but it does have the edgy metallic studs.  (Forever 21)

I really needed this facial scrub. I like how it is made to treat shine control. Even though I have normal skin, I can get a little shiny. (Neutrogena)

I really wanted this. I have heard so many great reviews and it is even considered a dupe for NARS Laguna bronzer.  (ELF)

I have heard so many great reviews on Lash Blast! I finally got it! And it's in waterproof, which is great for summer! (Covergirl)

I really needed this makeup remover because I ran out (:  (Neutrogena)
This was just a fun movie given to me, and it's really good!  (Defiantly Maybe, Target)

 This is my first crackle polish, and I am so excited to use it! I might do a review on this if you want:) (Sally Hansen, Walgreens) 

This is my second pair of gladiator sandals that I got. I love these! I usually don't like how this type looks, but these are adorable! The nude color is so cute too:) Look out for a post on gladiator sandals for summer!  (Forever 21)

I really haven't found that many shorts for summer, so getting this adorable, comfy, coral pair was amazing! (Target)

I really needed this powder brush because I was not using a proper one that would set my makeup correctly! (ELF)

 Selena Gomez is so gorgeous, and I loved her in her new movie, Monte Carlo! This was nice, because I hadn't listened to most of the other songs on this album. I am also going to her concert in the fall so I'll use this so memorize some songs, so that i can sing along during the concert. (Target)
 Like I said with the facial wash, these will be really helpful for shine control. And they're 50 wipes for $1!!! (ELF)
 These are just some really helpful sponges! (Sonia Kashuk)

 This is an adorable coral and beige striped shirt, it's form fitting and it looks great on! This is from Ann Taylor Loft!

 I really wanted to try this Tinted Moisturizer from ELF! We'll see how it works! (ELF)

 The next couple of pictures will show a set of three earrings i got! These are so adorable and wearable for all year round! This spells LOVE! (Target)

 Sparkly Stars! (Target)

Faux Pearls! (Target)
 This is the full picture of this tribal gladiator sandal. I'm in the middle of creating a tribal print post, so this will add to the look! Look out for that :) (Forever 21)

I am so thankful to all my family for these wonderful gifts! I will try these out, and hopefully get some reviews up! Hope you enjoy, and look out for further posts!! :)


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