Friday, July 15, 2011

Tribal Print Trend!

One trend that I love for summer is the tribal print trend! You can dress it up or dress it down. I've seen it everywhere, the runway, magazines, and even a trend that my friends and I have picked up! :) Here's some pieces that I love!

These shoes are super cute and colorful! The beading on the black pair are adorable and the colorful stripes on the flats go well with lots of things. The beige color with the weaving are also tribal inspired. The dress has a really cute print and cinches to highlight your waist.

 Feathers are one way to accessorize for tribal print. They are very boho and have lots of different designs and colors. Scarves are also boho and show the tribal print within the design. 

Tribal print is great for summer and fall. Most of these pictures can be found on Google Images, and others are taken by me. I hope you enjoy<3 xoxo Charlotte

This collage was made by me on


  1. i love those feather accessories! australia hasnt exactly caught up with that trend yet.. i'll start it!

  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog and really liked it! You should def start the trend(: