Monday, October 10, 2011


Another Fall Fad.. I'm trying to post more often! This time it's, scarves. They are perfect for fall and work into winter. I love this because in fall, they don't have to be super thick or bundled. On some days you'll wear them like that, but you don't really need to until winter. Hope you like it! 

 Fringed Loop Scarf
Whether it's hot pink, or a heather gray, a knit loop scarf is essential. They're cozy, but not too bulky. American Eagle has some great selections! 


Striped Scarf
I love striped scarves! I prefer ones that are more neutral to darker shades such as gray, navy, cream, or blackish/brown. Nordstroms has some good ones and also American Eagle. 

Plaid Scarves

Plaid scarves breath fall- and they are totally adorable! Check out different ones- there are so many patterns an colors with no limits! You can find these at various department stores.

Hope you found this helpful! Please leave comments and thoughts below!
XOXO Charlotte(:


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