Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nail of The Day: Lovely Lavender

During a business trip, my mom picked up a few nail polishes from Spa Ritual. This is a spa and nail care treatment place, that sells nail care and polishes around the country. She brought back two nail polishes because she knows how much I love them! She brought me some colors that are different from most of the ones I have. I usually stick to colorful, and brights. These are more neutral and light. I love this lavender because It is a bit mauve, with some lavender and gray. 

Picture of the Bottle
The nail polish is in the shade: Thunder Road.
My fingers across the bottle.
I love this because sometimes my nails look like lavender, gray, steel, or mauve. It's gorgeous!

 I hope you enjoyed this quick Nail Of The Day! Please leave comments and requests below(:
Thanks! XOXO Charlotte(: