Friday, October 7, 2011

L'OREAL: 360 Clean Skin Cleanser Review!

Today, I have a review on the L'OREAL: 360 Clean Skin Cleanser. Hope you enjoy(:

This is the full line. I own only the PINK one (deep cream cleanser). This comes with a scrub brush to use. I got this product in August over the summer, and have been using it for about 3 months. I thought it was about time to review it, because it takes awhile for your skin to react to products. Personally, I found that this did not help my skin whatsoever, and did nothing to clear breakouts. The first time I tried it, it had a refreshing feel, but overtime, there was no results. It is a bit drying, not too much though. It has a creamy consistency (given it is the deep cream version). After awhile weeks of using it, with no results, I went back to my usual routine. I now use it as a body wash. I think it works better for this because your body is not as sensitive as your skin. Overall, I do not recommend this as a face wash. Although I use it for body wash, I would not buy it for any other purpose. If you own this product and feel differently, leave a comment! 
XOXO Charlotte<3

P.S. I will have another face wash review up soon! 

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  1. I am glad you put this up, because I was thinking on buying it but I don't think i will! Thank you!

    KV <3