Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Secret Essentails: Yep, You Need It!

You see some products and think, these have a purpose?! These items deserve a permanent home in your makeup collection, check them out! 

You need it: HIGHLIGHTER! Your brand: Benefit

High Beam: $26
This product instantly brightens your complexion. It gives a natural glow without the sparkles.

Girl Meets Pearl: $30
This liquid-pearl highlighter is light reflecting which creates a fresh, dewy look! 

 You need it: BROW CARE! Your brand: ELF and Maybelline

 ELF Brow Kit: $3
This inexpensive kit comes with two- one lighter, and one darker, shades. They easily fill in without creating a "fake effect". 

Maybelline: Great Lash Clear Mascara- $5
This clear mascara is made for lashes, and brows. I'll prime my lashes with this and then glide the brush on my brows. Sometimes my brows can move around, and get out of place. This gel keeps the brow exactly where you want it- for the whole day! 

I love these products- they are so helpful! What do you think? Please leave comments and requests below! 
XOXO Charlotte(:

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