Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toning Tip: Walk It Off!

 Lately, I've been getting into toned shape. I eat healthy, and exercise daily. One thing that I do is walk-- a lot! At my school, if you signed up, instead of taking regular P.E., we would walk the harbor where we live instead. I play soccer, softball, and cheer after school, so I'd rather walk than do more sports during PE. On average, we walk 2-2.5 miles everyday! That adds up to 40+ miles a month! For the first two weeks my legs were killing me, especially my thighs. When you're walking intensely, you're using muscles that you usually don't use. If you do choose to walk, you have to make sure you keep a steady pace. There are 30 kids that walk with me, I always make sure I walk within the first 10 kids. This will help me walk farther, and faster. If you don't like to run, or play sports, than I suggest walking. I also suggest walking if you're like me, and you play after school sports. We walk different courses everyday, some longer or shorter. Sometimes we'll walk, and then play at a city park, and walk back. You don't have to worry about competing, or whose better at it than others. Everyone can do it, and I recommend giving it a chance. If your school doesn't have a walking class, walk on your free time. Every Sunday, my mom, sister, and I walk our town. We usually walk about 2-3 miles. Sometimes we even take our dog! You feel great, and you know that you got some exercise in, without tiring yourself out too much. 

Please leave comments or requests below! I am getting great feedback from my "Fall Fads", so I'll continue to do that!
XOXO Charlotte!