Saturday, October 22, 2011

Funky Nail Trends!

Nails are a big trend for fall. Here are some funky ones that I found: 

This adorable trend splits up to similar colors for color blocking. For fall, I recommend using orangy- burnt colors. 

This one takes practice, but you can easily find Sally Hansen Nail Strips in a similar print.

This trend would look adorable with fall inspired colors! Starting off with a mustard, to orange, to a burnt cranberry would be totally cute!

Again, this one might be harder, but with the right tools, you could pull it off. There are nail stickers that would work well instead for an inexpensive price.

This candy coated dots are adorable! Using the right tool, you could dip the edge into each color like a canvas to get the perfect dots.

I hope you thought this was a fun, lazy Saturday read! I really enjoyed finding these pictures! Please leave comments and requests below!
XOXO Charlotte(:   
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