Friday, October 14, 2011

Toning Tip: 5 Ways to Cut Calories

Toning and getting fit takes exercise- but you also have to diet right. No skipping meals, and don't starve because that doesn't work! Eat 5 small meals a day! I'll be posting a daily meal routine soon. You should start by cutting off 100-200 calories of your daily value. This depends on what you eat already. Just because no one eats with you doesn't mean that it doesn't count. I would start by eliminating the bad, junk food that sneaks into your snack. Here are 5 ways to cut calories: 
  1. Stay away from the casual snack. You want to pass on small candies, nuts, chips, or bread. Although you might be snacking, you'll eat more than you think. A bag of chips can have as much as 400 empty-calories. Depending on how many handfuls you take, nuts can have as much as 200-525 calories! Little candies many seem like a small bit, but even the smallest piece can have as much as 200 calories, and a few could add up to your daily calorie intake.
  2. Limit salad toppings and dressings. You may think that having a green salad with some tomatoes is a healthy snack, but half a cup of Caesar salad dressing has more than 500 calories! Either choose a low-cal, fat-free version, or pass. Also, adding croutons, bacon, cheese, and nuts to your salad adds up. Instead, try tomatoes, cucumbers, or red peppers. 
  3. Use smaller plates. Switch out your 12 in. plate for a 10 in. one. The size makes a difference. Studies say that the small your plate is, the less you'll eat. You eat 20-25% less, and can save as much as 400 calories. You won't feel starved, only more satisfied.
  4. Skip the whip. Especially now that the winter weather is here, skipping the whip is extremely important. You can drop 100-200 calories on buying a "no whip" drink from Starbucks instead. If you are a whip cream addict, I suggest getting cool whip- either low calorie or fat free. It'll save you 75-125 calories! 
  5. Don't drink up your calorie intake. Most people forget about the caloric drinks they intake. A 12 ounce soft drink or soda has 150-200 calories. A regular Gatorade may seem tasty after practice, but that can add up to 200 calories. Things like lemonade and milk may seem more on the heartier-healthier path, but a glass of 2% milk can have over 150 calories, and a regular lemonade is about the same 150+. I would go for a low calories or fat free version for both. For the milk, you could save 50-75 calories. For the lemonade, you could try a version instead for only 5 calories!! Also, stay away from smoothies unless you know the exact ingredients. Some are made with ice cream which can bump up the calories for a bloating feeling. 
I hope you found these helpful! If you would like more, or different varieties of Toning Tips, please leave a comment or request below! Thanks for all the helpful feedback.

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