Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Slimdown Day 4: Candy SMACKDOWN!

What's the scariest part of October 31st? Not the creepy houses, or gory costumes. It's the guilt and bloat you feel after downing a bunch of empty-calorie candy. 

Here's the candies you'll want to steer clear of: 
  1. Reese's Peanut Butter: A whopping 200 calories per pack! 
  2. Sour Patch Kids- 1 pack is a sugary 210 calories. 
  3. Butterfinger- Peanut butter and chocolaty goodness costs you 270 calories.
  4. Snickers- Nuts and chocolate mix = 280 calories.
  5. Kit Kat- I know, a beloved, but one original size pack is 210 calories! 
Horrific King Sizes: 
  1. Kit Kat King Size: 420 calories
  2. Twix King Size: 440 calories
  3. Almond Joy King Size- 460 calories 
  4. Butterfinger King Size- 480 calories
  5. **YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE** Snickers King Size- 510 calories!!
I hope this was a good reference for everyone! I definitely did not know exactly how much was in each piece. Now I'll know what to steer clear of. Tomorrow I'll post of some of the candies that aren't in the "Hall of Horror".
XOXO Charlotte

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